Guide for University Students

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Going to university is one of the most rewarding and formative periods in life. New places to explore, experiences to live, people to meet and knowledge to acquire.

However, third-level education is a big step up from secondary school. In fact, many students find it difficult to cope with this change and obtain the results they were used to in secondary school.

At ExamTime, we are determined to help you during this stage in your life so we have prepared a guide for university students with everything you need to succeed at University. In this guide you will find a wide range of information: practical tips, learning techniques, study tools and resources to maximise your productivity.

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Guide for University Students

Who is this aimed at?

This guide is aimed at all university students that speak English regardless of the course they are studying.

You may be asking yourself how this guide can be useful to both a first year law student and a final year medical student for example. Well, we can easily answer that question! In this guide, we do not focus on specific issues but on the learning process and tasks that you may face in university and these are common to all university students.

The resources listed in this guide are just an example of what you can do with our study tools. Our goal here is not to provide you with all the study material you need but to encourage you to create some yourself. This is a great way to enhance your knowledge, productivity and achieve your academic goals.

All sections of the Guide for University Students

We divided our guide into 4 different sections so that you can easily find what you need:

Here we provide you with more detail on each section as well as the subsections that compose them.

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Guide for University Students - Sections
Quiz Maker Tool

Study Tools

Focusing on the needs of students like you, ExamTime has developed a number of study tools that we believe will forever change your life as a university student. Familiarise yourself with these study tools and discover how you can apply them to your day-to-day life.

University Learning

The university system differs significantly from pre-university education both in the structure of classes and evaluation mechanisms.

In this section, we analyse the daily tasks that you will face in University to help you address them when the time comes.

Amongst these tasks are:

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Group Projects
Tips for University Students

Tips for University

In line with the previous section, we provide you with general tips that will help you in university no matter what course you are studying. Teachers, students and education experts have shared these tips with us, so as long as you adapt to your particular circumstances and learning style, success is guaranteed.

Additionally, we discuss some of the issues most university students are concerned with:

University Degrees

Not sure of what to study? Not sure if the course you chose is the right one for you?

In this section, we discuss some important aspects to evaluate when selecting a university degree and compare the most popular ones to help you find the one that best suits you.
Throughout this guide, you will find study resources created by other university students with ExamTime study tools.

These resources are public so you can use them freely for your studies. However, if you want to find resources that relate more to your specific course or create your own, we recommend that you access ExamTime, to find more than a million free study recourses.

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